Our Services


We maintain records for taxation and double entry bookkeeping, registers of invoices received and issued, cash books and journals. We prepare and send all manner of reports, statements and declarations. Based upon individual client needs, we issue and send invoices, prepare payment orders, monitor payment relationships and prepare calculations and client reports in various languages. Upon demand, we will supervise the client's own accounting team through consultation and inspection.

Payroll accounting

We provide comprehensive service in human resources and wages, employee registration, payroll, calculation of wages and deductions along with the preparation of all reports, payroll forms and payment orders, as well as all closing operations at year-end.

Tax consulting, client representation

We will manage registration and represent the client and administrative offices under a power of attorney. We provide ongoing tax advice, prepare tax declarations and tax advisors' reports. We provide business model designs and corporate activities taking tax law into account.

Registered office provision

We exclusively provide our clients with the opportunity to locate their registered offices in our space in Prague 10, including mail forwarding, switchboard services and data containers, and short-term rental of meeting rooms, if needed.

Property administration

As part of the accounting and tax advice services we offer, we also arrange technical and organizational services in the area of apartment, home and building rental.